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Future's Present

When Frankie passed away, she was a lady of high society, surrounded by wealth and power. Bobbie lived her last years as a lady of modest means.
Bobbie was born to wealthy parents and grew up attending balls and social functions. Frankie grew up in an orphanage.
The two girls were best friends, as close as sisters who supported each other through thick an thin. They have not so much as written to each other in their entire adult lives for fear of ripping the space-time continuum in two and destroying two thirds of the universe.
Or something like that.
Their separation was the price they had to pay, but what was their crime?

Can you blend science fiction with a story reminesent of a public domain boarding school story? Well, I think you can! The science fiction elements push the plot along while initially remaining hidden in the background. You'll see more and more of the science fiction side as things progress so see if you can spot them! They start right from the prologue and are in the text as well as the pictures.



This is a story written about my random legacy challend I'm completing. My plot is inspired by the rainbow challence and the post apocalyptic challenge and played using the random legacy rules plus a few others I made up to suit the theme. Unlike Future's Present this is a story of a game I'm actually playing and so updates will be more slow and sporadic than the strict weekly posting of Future's Present, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

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